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SSFit is a company that sells homemade marmites via delivery to people looking for a healthy life. The restaurant was created by a mother and her son, who together brought the brand to life. The challenge was to reposition the company, which once focused on the fitness universe, but who now wanted to show people that eating healthy doesn't necessarily mean eating tasteless food. The visual Identity needed to bring values such as health, care, affection, love and mother's food.

Role - Branding, Visual Identity
Year - 2022

Client - SSFit

In order to translate the values of the brand – a homely and healthy restaurant, an exclusive typography was designed. The intention was to bring a more humanized aspect to SSFit; a logo in which people associated "tasty mom food" with the company. Therefore, the visual identity was traced with organic and fluid lines, as well as are the foods of nature.
The result was a charismatic brand that tell people a story: everyone can eat delicious food, being healthy.

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