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Ruscão Brands is a design studio specialized in brands and visual identities.  Developing the brand itself is a great challenge, but it was necessary for us to be able to match the products that the company offers. The idea was to develop a minimalist look with powerful graphics that would mark the studio in the design market.

Role - Branding, Visual Identity
Year - 2023

Personal Project

​​The logo was built based on the characteristics of the projects we create in the studio: brands with expressive typography, which convey the emotional values of each project. For Ruscão Brands, we have a minimalist but powerful letter; that highlights the creative and centered side of the studio. Simplicity allows the logo to be applied to several different materials, without taking attention away from what really matters. It is a dynamic and fluid brand, which manages to adapt and fit into any situation.

Everything in the universe starts from a primary shape: be it a circle, square or triangle. The world around us breathes design. Thinking in a minimalist way means rescuing the best that the universe has to offer us and using it to tell good stories. We used the curve of the B (Bruno) as a fixed structure to compose a typographic mosaic, with the support of the basic shapes. These elements are built and broken down in order to create graphic solutions and convey the message that each situation requires.

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