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Fermento e Farinha (Yeast and Flour) is a bakery of artisanal excellence, whose specialty is to make bread and derivatives of ingredients through natural fermentation. We had the challenge of repositioning the brand through a sophisticated and creative visual identity, aiming to serve customers looking for a premium handmaded experience in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Role - Branding, Visual Identity
Year - 2022

Client - Fermento e Farinha

Cooking is making poetry to be tasted. Therefore, we understand that preparing breads through natural fermentation is an incredible and purely artistic process. When looking for inspiration in the images of the breads being prepared, we observed a charming sequence (Mixture/Stretch/Fold/Mold) that led us to design a customized typography for the bakery's logo. The letters seem to have been shaped by a dough, giving rise to a striking and personality-filled logo.

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