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Project selected as Best Logo Design Awards by DesignRush

Carla Perdigão is a legal expert who sought a new visual identity to consolidate her brand in the market.The objective was to create visual elements that are easy to communicate with your audience, facilitating the connection between them and maintaining a sophisticated standard, with an innovative design. The brand should convey commitment, impartiality and trust.

Role - Branding, Visual Identity
Year - 2022

Client - Carla Perdigão

The area of ​​Law is permeated by the image of the Greek goddess Themis (or Themis); the embodiment of justice. She is usually portrayed blindfolded, seeking to convey impartiality. As well as the sword and the scales, which are other classic elements and very present in the area.It was noted that the Judicial Expertise area uses a lot of the shield, the coat of arms or a kind of seal as a graphic element. All of them have a classic, traditional aesthetic, which conveys seriousness and is strongly linked to the image of justice.

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